2017 IPSC World Shoot US National Team Qualification Leaderboards

Qualification for US National Team slots works as follows:

  • Qualification consists of four matches:  USPSA Nationals 2015, IPSC Nationals 2015, USPSA Nationals 2016, and IPSC Nationals 2016.
  • Your match finishing percentage at each of the above is the number of qualification points earned for that match.
  • After the 2016 IPSC nationals, your top three scores are added together, and that is your total qualification score (your worst score is dropped).
  • Each team consists of four slots.  The top three qualifiers are automatically on the team.  The fourth slot is a “captain’s pick”, selected by USPSA administration.

All of the qualifier matches for the 2017 IPSC World Shoot are in the books.  The final points standings for each division are as follows:




Single Stack/Classic:


15 thoughts on “2017 IPSC World Shoot US National Team Qualification Leaderboards”

  1. I may not fully grasp how this works but wouldn’t Vogel and Nils be on the leaderboard for production having finished 99+% to Stoeger at uspsa nationals?

    1. Neither shot Production at the IPSC nationals, which was the other qualification match so far. I will add some data to the post to explain the formula.

      1. I think he is saying that Vogel and Nils should be ahead of Gutt and Engmann which also only shot the one match.

        1. Ah. True.

          What I did there was include guys at the bottom who 1) could and 2) might want to still try to make the Production team. Nils and Vogel are currently Limited guys and I assume will be focusing on that division for their World Shoot slots. Alex especially is good enough to make it if he wants, and also it is his primary division.

          I did the same for other divisions as well.

  2. Another question: do guys who are shooting and doing well in multiple division nationals have to declare which they want to shoot at the World Shoot? Assuming they do well enough in multiple divisions to get to the top three.

    1. I don’t know when exactly they have to pick, but World Shoot is one big combined event, so yes, any given shooter can only be on the team for one division. There are certainly a few top level guys who could legitimately compete their way onto multiple teams if it were not a combined event.

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