From a very early age, I had a fascination with firearms.  I originally began recreational pistol shooting in 2003, and discovered competitive action pistol sports in 2005. I remained an occasional/casual weekend shooter for a few years.

Then in 2010, I began training with the specific goal of becoming a better IDPA shooter.  I achieved Master classification in the fall of that year and thereafter became a consistent winner of IDPA regional level championships, including several state SSP titles.  I was high overall among all divisions at the 2014 Carolina Cup:  at the time, the 3rd most prestigious IDPA championship in the world.


Starting in late 2012, I began to focus my training on USPSA Production division.  I initially classified as “B”, and took approximately one year to reach Grandmaster, in January 2014.

Since that point, I have become a four-time state champion in Production division.  Further, I have competed successfully at USPSA National Championships, three times finishing in the recognized “Top 16”, and have been invited to compete on the pro-level “Super Squad” each of the last three years.

I remain committed to further improvement, and spend many hours each week during the season in dry fire and live fire match preparation.